Irvine CA

Bio: Dr. Arvind Sathi is the Director and Architect in KPMG's Global Intelligent Automation and a faculty member with University of California where he teaches courses on Analytics. Dr. Sathi received his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Carnegie Mellon University and worked under Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Herbert A. Simon. Dr. Sathi is a seasoned professional with leadership in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science solution development and delivery. He works with IBM clients worldwide to envision and build AI and Data Science solutions. Dr. Sathi was a pioneer in developing AI solutions at Carnegie Group (a Carnegie Mellon startup), leading to its successful public offering as a profitable AI company. At KPMG / Bearingpoint, he led the practices for Intelligent Process Automation, Enterprise Integration, & Analytics. At IBM, Dr. Sathi has led several AI and Data Science programs involving a number of IBM products from IBM Watson, and Hybrid Cloud business units, and has provided technical oversight to IBM’s strategic accounts. He has also delivered a number of workshops and presentations at industry conferences on technical subjects, and holds two patents in data masking. He has published four books on analytics - Cognitive (Internet of) Things, Engaging Customers Using Big Data, Big Data Analytics, Customer Experience Analytics. He has also been a contributing author in a number of Data Governance books written by Sunil Soares, and has published a article series on Advanced Analytics for IBM Developer Works.

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